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Sweaters that fit. Knitting patterns customized to your measurements.

About Us

About Knit Fit Couture. Custom knitting patterns for wweaters that fit

About Us

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It all started when...

I wanted a sweater that fit ME. Not a standard size, my size. And then I wanted to knit a sweater for my daughter and have it fit HER!

Knit Fit Couture is inspired by you, the knitter. Not only at our retail store, Needle in a Haystack in South Haven, MI, but also at regional sheep and wool festivals, we have spent many years helping knitters struggle with their sweaters.

There's one problem we see over and over again, from knitters of all ages and skill levels: When the sweater done, it doesn't fit the way we want.

We all have unique measurements and we also knit differently. Patterns based on standard sizing don't work very well, and the proof is in the frustration and disappointment we've all felt after wrestling a ball of yarn into a beautiful garment- that doesn't fit.

The solution is custom patterns. You can create customized patterns to fit any body you want. But it's hard. It's a lot of math. It takes years of trial and error and testing and editing. And after all that work you have just one glorious pattern.

But we can do all that work for you. Our expertise in knitwear design and computer programming have come together to create a complex algorithm that does all that math. Purchase any of the designs in our marketplace and we will literally create your custom pattern just for you. For your measurements and for your gauge.

Finally, you can create a wonderful sweater that fits your body dimensions and matches your knitting style.

We partner with stylish designers and retailers of exceptional yarns to be sure we're offering you the very best quality. Check out our designs and get started knitting a sweater you'll be proud of!