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Sweaters that fit. Knitting patterns customized to your measurements.

How it works

How a to receive a custom knitting pattern


How it Works

We've made it easy to get a custom pattern that fits perfectly. These instructions will guide you through each step. 


Step 1 - Get Your Pattern

  • Shop available patterns by clicking "PATTERNS" on the menu
  • Add desired pattern(s) to your cart. Please be advised that to ensure everyone gets their perfect fit, you must purchase an additional pattern for each wearer. Multiple purchases will be discounted.
  • As you complete the familiar check out process, be sure to include an active email address!
  • For each pattern, our website will send a link to your email address that contains a file called a "Welcome Letter".
  • Download, save, and read the Welcome Letter file specific to the pattern(s) you purchased.
  • The Welcome Letter explains how to take the proper measurements needed for the pattern. Each individual wearer will need their measurements taken separately.


Step 2 - Purchase Your Yarn and Knit a Gauge Swatch

  • A gauge swatch is very important! The gauge swatch will determine the stitches and rows per inch and is absolutely essential for the pattern generator to produce the correct instructions. The gauge swatch must be knitted with the same yarn that you will use for the sweater.
  • *** COMING SOON *** We offer a carefully curated selection of premium yarns that work very well for each pattern.


Step 3 - Take Your Measurements and Enter Them into the Pattern Generator

Getting measurements correct is also very important for producing a garment that really fits. You can take them yourself, but we recommend you have a friend help you! Use the Welcome Letter to get them right, and then follow the link to the Pattern Generator. You have all the information you need, just fill in the form!

Screenshot from 2016-08-07 15:46:32.png

Step 4 - Receive Your Pattern and Start Knitting!

  • The Pattern Generator form uses your unique measurement and gauge swatch input to generate a pattern just for you!
  • The program will email the pattern PDF to the email address that you give the Pattern Generator form